Needing septic inspection Fayetteville?

Can’t Remember the last time you had your septic tank inspected? Are you getting ready to buy or sell a house? Has one of your septic alarms gone off recently? Strange smells in and around your home? These are all indications that you need a septic inspection today. The Septic Pros of Fayetteville have the knowledge and expertise to inspect your tank so you know exactly what you need repaired

When to inspect your septic tank?

How often a service is needed often depends on the age of the system, and the older the systems, the more often they need to be serviced. A typical gravitational system does not require annual inspections, but must be used regularly to remove sludge and solids. This system is typically designed and in most cases has an alarm system that warns the homeowner when the tank level gets too high. If the owner ensures that the system and its pumps are regularly serviced and inspected, all components, including the alarm system, can be checked and hopefully the problem can be averted.

Importance of septic inspection

When inspecting a septic system, many different tests are performed to ensure the safety of the property, such as temperature, pressure, humidity, water flow and humidity. These tests include flow and drinkability tests, and if you would like to learn more about how these tests can be useful to you, please contact our team for more information. 

Why choose The Septic Pros?

The fact that septic inspections have been carried out since the 1970s does not mean that these methods are stuck in the past. Full-illuminated line scan cameras offer the possibility to conveniently inspect your sewage treatment plant and at the same time minimize damage to your property. This involves removing sludge and solids from the tank so that the water that ultimately reaches the leach field is as clear and clean as possible. Attention to detail and putting or customers first has and always will be our priority. Call the Septic Pros of Fayetteville today!